Jaditi Pugs 

Litter Born 14 Dec 2010

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Litter Born 14th December 2010

Henry protecting Mazie while in Labour
Just born
Just hours old.
Jaditi Shes a winner
Hours old.
Jaditi Hes a Legend
A week old
Grandma Enya at the back helping
I think I can walk
play fighting is fun
Uncle Henry keeping a watch
I think I will attack
Yes what r u lookin at
6 weeks old
Too Many Toys MUM
Hi there Grandma
Whats going on over there
outside play is exhausting
8 weeks old
Jaditi Shes a Winner
8 weeks
Ist she Pretty
Jaditi Hes a Legend
8 weeks
gorgeous boy
Lets attack Unlce Henry
Play time
Just Chillin
Miss Lola at 10 weeks
Jimmy at 10 weeks



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